POINT LIGHTING CORPORATION, a group of airfield lighting professionals dedicated to the values of service, quality and expertise in the fields of aviation obstruction and airfield lighting. POINT LIGHTING CORPORATION offers navigational aids and technical advice to consultants, industrial plants, airports, and contractors with quality products. Point lighting uniquely combines in one company years of experience in aviation lighting manufacturing, marketing and international sales.

OBSTRUCTION LIGHTING Aviation Obstruction Products

POINT LIGHTING CORPORATION is an FAA certified and inspected airfield lighting manufacturing facility. POINTSPEC™ obstruction lights are FAA certified by Intertek Testing Service (ETL) and are the only obstruction lights to also be safety certified and listed to UL, ATEX and CSA Standards.

The lighting required at a specific site depends on the type of structure, national or international standards adopted, site specific directives by authorities and owner specifications. POINT LIGHTING CORPORATION will suggest a system layout and equipment list based on the information supplied.


A PWC wind cone may be FAA L-807 style with a rigid hinged base pole and overall height of about 22-ft. This type is normally for a ground-based heliport or an airport main wind cone. Depending on the site, it may be FAA Size 1 (8-ft windsock) or FAA Size 2 (12-ft windsock). The FAA L-806 wind cone is frangible or rigid and about 10-ft tall. The 806 is usually used for a roof sited helideck.


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