Avery-Hardoll flowmeters are precision made, positive displacement, liquid measuring instruments manufactured by Silea Liquid Transfer. In 2021, Silea acquired the Avery-Hardoll product line. Since 1932, simplicity of design and construction together with sustained accuracy has led to the widespread use of Avery-Hardoll meter products including the BM Series meters and MASTERLOAD.iQ™ electronic registers by Liquid Controls, on aviation refuelling vehicles throughout the world.

With proven measurement accuracy as good as 0.05%, Avery-Hardoll meters remain unmatched in maintaining the most accurate fluid measurement in the world. The proprietary Avery-Hardoll meter design remains the industry benchmark that many have struggled to emulate, because “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”.

The first flowmeters built for aviation fuel. An ideal product to be installed on metering skids, for all oil & gas applications.

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