New Naval Ltd.’s established in 1978, the company became one of the leading Greek environmental companies in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the most reliable European manufacturers of oil spill response and marine environment protection equipment for clients around the globe. New Naval has a long history and tradition in shipping and maritime. The company gradually turned its focus to the protection of the marine environment and started producing and supplying pollution control equipment to combat incidents. Tailor-made, cost-efficient and environmental-friendly solutions are developed for almost every marine environment issue. This, coupled with increasing capabilities in emergency response services and a dedicated customer focus makes New Naval an alternative, unique manufacturer and service provider.

Our in-house, Emergency Response Department, provides marine environment protection services and has developed means to address current issues including marine litter solutions. New Naval has worked closely with National government and European authorities, ports, harbors, coastal facilities, oil terminals, shipping companies and organizations within the gas industry to innovate and provide advanced equipment as well as develop Emergency Response Services based on expertise and cost-efficient solutions.

New Naval has provided scenario-based intelligence including the analysis of possible impacts of specific hazards and threats to properly formulate the most efficient and effective response and preventative solutions. This, and our involvement in a number of spill incidents, has led to the establishment of New Naval’s first factory in 1998. In 2015, New Naval invested in a brand-new production facility that includes a state-of-the-art Training Center in Lavrio, Athens.

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