SESPI S.r.l. is an engineering Company founded in 1968, whose main activity is the design, engineering and complete supply of Electrochlorination plants, electrochemical plant, chemical plants and applications in the Oil & Gas, Power generation, petrochemical and desalination field.

In particular, SESPI proprietary know-how, CHLOROPURE® flat plates electrolyzer for hypochlorite production from seawater or brine, represents one of the best and up to date technical solution for electrochlorination systems.

SESPI can provide in accordance to the client specifications, the following packages and equipment :

Electrochlorination plants for the on site production of Sodium hypochlorite solution from seawater or brine. The hypochlorite solution is used for biofouling control in Power Plants, Desalination facilities, Petrochemical complexes, Cooling tower, refinery and LNG terminals.

Hydrogen generating plants for Hydrogenation of oils and fats, production of alcohols from fatty acids, cooling of alternators in thermal and nuclear power stations, metallurgical reduction processes, production of electronic components.

Primary water treatment plants for potablilization, filtration, desalination, remineralization, demineralization for boiler make-up water, membranes filtration units (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, electrodeionization), rental plants (leasing, BOO, BOOT).

Z.L.D. (Zero Liquid Discharge) plants for the treatment, recycle and recovery of industrial waste waters as ultrapure water. ZLD units are mainly used to overcome fresh water shortage and to minimize and recovery waste water especially in areas where there are strong limitations to discharge process eluates.

Liquid & Gas fiscal metering units (utilized for the measurement of : Natural gas, Crude oil, Liquid hydrocarbons of various nature). The systems, are skid mounted and are engineered according to the various codes and fiscal standards, in accordance to Client’s requirements. Different types of flow elements could be used (like : Orifice plates, Turbines, PD meters, Ultrasonic etc.) according to the performances requested and the nature of the fluid to be measured.

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